Message from CEO

Mr.NagaharaCEO of Teach For Japan

"Developing collective leadership to ensure all children can fulfill their potential"

Our vision is communities in every part of the world are enabling all their children to have the education,support and opportunity to shape a better future for themselves and all of us.

Through our efforts to realize our Vision, I have come to understand that no single entity holds all the resources or authority needed to eliminate educational disparities and transform the public education system. Simultaneously, I am convinced that the Fellowship Program is an effective means to address these complex social issues.

Since its inception in 2013, the Fellowship Program has involved 214 participants, impacting over 20,000 students. In the 2022 academic year, nearly 100 fellows are active in schools across 42 municipalities in 15 prefectures.

Over the past decade, TFJ has posed common questions to various stakeholders—including fellows, local governments, the national government, businesses, communities, and research institutions. We have worked collaboratively to build a community aimed at solving these issues. Our role over the next ten years is to create a collective impact from this network, thereby addressing fundamental social challenges.

As mentioned earlier, no single player can tackle these complex social issues alone. Therefore, it is crucial to align with a common Vision, focus on what we can each do from our current positions, and connect our achievements rather than compete. As part of a network spanning 61 countries, we aim to change the world from the classroom and work towards "a world where every child can receive an excellent education."

Join us in creating a collective impact and take action alongside us.